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Ta’leef Collective began as an outreach program in 2005 and was established as a 501c3 (72-1528691) nonprofit organization in 2009. Out of our unwavering dedication to serving the youth, assisting new comers to Islam and welcoming guests, a dynamic community has grown with locations in Fremont, Ca. and Chicago, Il.

We provide the ideal experience for anyone curious to learn about Islam and offer a safe and friendly environment for newcomers and old friends. Our mantra “Come as you are, to Islam as it is” says it all. We don’t discriminate or judge and believe that dialogue, education and fellowship are integral to individual and collective growth.

In addition to our Community Care and educational programs we offer a series of training courses and are grateful to lead the increasingly important conversation around community leadership, cultural relevance and overall sustainability.



Ta’leef Collective is a 501c3 (72-1528691) public benefit nonprofit organization. We are Zakat eligible and all donations are tax-deductible.

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Ta’leef Collective’s programming is for anyone curious to learn about Islam in a safe and friendly environment. Our mantra “Come as you are, to Islam as it is” says it all. We don’t discriminate or judge and believe that dialogue, education and fellowship are integral to individual and collective growth.



The CCC (Convert Continuum of Care) is a full-scale system providing step-by-step assistance from the point of a seeker’s active interest, until the establishment of sustainable conversion and holistic practice of Islam.  The CCC offers hands on, one-on-one consultation with our professionally trained staff, courses specifically tailored for seekers, and the support network crucial upon conversion.  The ‘welcome to the fold’ program fosters regular opportunities for new Muslims to engage their peers, share both challenges and successes, and reap the beneficial fruits that only the tree of good company can bear.  Upon completion of the program, participants are trained to become mentors to other newcomers.  Since it’s inception, the CCC has assisted over 500 people in embracing Islam.



Inheritors is a series of programmatic offerings for ages 13-30 to maximize Ta’leef Collective’s impact as a positive force in the life of young people while working toward a sustainable community.

By offering mentorship, community discussions, edutainment and fellowship to high school age youth and emerging adults, the Inheritors program is actively working to engage and invite the youth of this generation.




“Living and Learning” is an initiative intended to compliment our CCC and Inheritors programs, which seeks to answer the question naturally asked upon embracing Islam: “what’s next?” Designed to be a unique approach to education, inclusive of the sacred sciences and enriched by an engagement with arts and culture, students embark upon a tailored learning curriculum geared toward a holistic practice of Islam.

Toward attaining this goal, we offer the following continuous courses:

  • Being Muslim.
  • Speaking Arabic.
  • Knowing the Prophet.
  • Living Right.

We also offer workshops and seminars throughout the year.


Ta'leef Academy

Building on our existing leadership in training with MMP (180+ graduates, in 4 continents, 20 cities), Ta'leef Academy provides a unique hands-on training experience, offering community care providers with the practical tools for a life of service.

Ta'leef Academy, is a more focused, expansive offering to fit the growing needs of a complex community, with multiple levels of programming and four specialization streams. Refining the Core is the mandatory foundational course and streams include: Conveying the Message, Mastering Media, Caring for People, and Intentional Community.

The program offers empowering, meaningful, and defining learning opportunities that awaken a sense of purpose, love, and confidence amongst trainees. We value authenticity, faith & tradition, and strive to embody a sense of fortitude, beauty, and substance in delivering high quality content.

Come as you are... to Islam as it is.

Imam Zaid Shakir - Ta'leef Collective Chairman of the Board


  • LAST Campaign Email

    As salam alaikum,  As we close out our Ta’leef End of the Year Campaign for 2016, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your support, prayers, and well wishes. We are still short of our goal, however I am confident that your ongoing support will continue to be vital for Ta’leef’s success and creating a community rooted in the Prophetic model…

  • Looking forward to 2017

    As salam alaikum, These are crucial times we live in as Muslims around the world. We witnessed perhaps one of the most deeply divisive elections in American history and rising tide of racism across the globe. We also witnessed the passing of the people’s hero, Muhammad Ali, who was a man that left behind a legacy for all. As troubling as these times are, watching…

  • Big News!

    As salam alaikum, This is a special time for the Ta’leef Family. A moment many years in the making is upon us as we inaugurate our second campus in Chicago on November 19, 2016 God willing. Stay tuned for details, and please honor us on that day if you are able. In light of this very busy time, #TaleefLIVE and “Living Right” in Fremont will be on…


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