We made it

As salam alaikum,

Eid Mubarak! May this message find you and your loved ones happy, healthy, and prosperous insh'Allah.   This month has been an incredibly special one. I was given the opportunity to share Ramadan with you all and witnessed tremendous benefit from the hours of service, prayers, and generosity displayed by the entire community. 

I am happy and humbled to announce that because of your support, we have successfully raised our goal of $250,000. By joining our Ramadan 2016 Campaign: "Ta'leef Together" you enable us to continue ongoing programs at our Fremont and Chicago campuses, as well as the multitude of services community-wide.  

Whether you gave $1 or $10,000 this month, I pray that Allah grant you ease and good in all that you do. The Ta'leef team and I ask that you please keep us in your prayers and remember us beyond this blessed month. We look forward to building with you and can't wait to see you Sunday, July 24th insh'Allah, when we resume #TaleefLIVE.

Stay blessed,

Usama Canon
Founding Director


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