Tips for a New Muslim Caregiver

According to a 2011 Pew Research Report, 63% of converts to Islam do not perform all 5 daily prayers, which is less than the average for those born into Muslim families. People mistakenly think that because someone is a convert they will be more likely to perform their religious obligations. However, as a community we too have a role to play
Many times the barrier to performing daily prayers are twofold. First, those new to the faith are not trained on how to perform the prayer. Second, some converts do not have people they trust around to encourage them to establish this pillar in their life. We have seen that those who attend the "Establishing the Prayer" workshop at Ta'leef Chicago feel more comfortable entering mosques and grow increasingly confident to be part of the community. One student relates, "It seems like Salaah is the key to the Masjid. Having that key makes me more eager and more comfortable in making attendance at the mosque a part of my daily routine."
Consider having your mosque or organization host a small workshop for frequent Masjid attendees to feel confident teaching newcomers how to pray and be effective in retaining newcomers to return for future prayers. It might also be helpful to make available basic prayer instruction books or small packets of information designed to help those new to performing Salaah become more confident.
Peace & blessings,
Mike Swies
Convert Care Coordinator, Chicago


Establishing the Prayer

CCC volunteer, Mu’allif Mentorship graduate and PhD candidate, Will Caldwell, teaches two new brothers how to perform salaah (the five daily ritual prayers).






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