Reflections from Re-entry

As salam alaikum,

Last week, I sat down with 16 attendees at our inaugural Re-entry Retreat in Pope Valley, CA, some of whom I never thought I would see again when I was a Prison Chaplain years ago. We laughed, cried, and most importantly continued to heal. Their combined time served while incarcerated was calculated to be more than 300+ years.

A beloved attendee shared: "One of the main reasons I came here is to rest, brush up on my deen, and to invest in myself. I believe that we are all miracles here. Allah brings hearts together like no one else can bring anything together. I got out because I stood on the shoulders of these men."

As we continue our exploratory year of Ta'leef Re-entry, please keep us in your prayers. I look forward to updating you all as the program continues to grow and would like to express my sincere gratitude for supporting this work.


Usama Canon
Founding Director

RTC by Mateen-77

Photo credit: Mateen Karimy


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