Ramadan 2016 Campaign: Ta’leef Together

As salam alaikum — 

I pray this message reaches you in the best of spirits and health as we embark on the blessed month of Ramadan. I am humbled by the fact that I have been able to extend Ramadan greetings to you for more than a decade. This year, my experiences abroad and recent trip to Kenya, showed me the true meaning of love and service. It became apparent to me that our global Muslim community is truly an extension of what we build locally. At Ta’leef, our ongoing vision has been to foster a community rooted in the Prophetic example, and I return from my travels further inspired by this work. A sister recently told me that Ta’leef was the first time she experienced a Muslim community filled with beauty and safety; this is the essence of what we do. Your continued prayers and support have allowed us to come so far in 2016. 


  • Launched Ta’leef Academy, formerly known as the Mu’allif Mentorship Program, which offers a unique hands-on training experience to give community care providers practical tools for a life of service. With more than 180 global graduates, Ta’leef Academy is taught quarterly in California.
  • Launched an exploratory year of Ta’leef Re-entry. The monthly “Support Circle” in San Francisco has helped create a space that allows the formerly incarcerated to share their challenges and experiences, and seek advice from licensed wellness and mental health professionals.
  • Continued broadcasting #TaleefLIVE, providing access to all of our ongoing media and “Living Right” programming. #TaleefLIVE reaches an average of 5,000 viewers a month and Ta’leef OnDemand has had more than 20,000 views thus far in 2016.
  • Expanded the Convert Continuum of Care (CCC) program, engaging nearly 700 newcomers through one-on-one counseling, classes and workshops like “Being Muslim” and “Introducing Islam.” So far, 24 newcomers have embraced Islam and joined  the Ta’leef family in 2016.


  • Daily “Fast Reminders” with Usama Canon, which are videos featuring short and poignant instruction to help us maximize benefit this month.
  • The graduation of our inaugural Inheritors’ Circle, a cohort of 17 high school-aged youth in a two-year program focused on social agility, sacred knowledge and emotional intelligence. The second Inheritors’ Retreat will be hosted in July with teens from around the world!
  • Our first annual Re-entry Retreat in August, a week-long intensive for the formerly incarcerated that will focus on embodying wellness, addressing stress and trauma, and developing key social and professional skills.
  • Hosting the second annual Newcomers’ Retreat in December for the growing community of newcomers to Islam. Newcomers will focus on Fard al Ayn instruction coupled with training in emotional intelligence and cultural competency to serve as a model for communities worldwide.
  • Beginning Phase II of Cafe Ta’leef 

Join our Ramadan 2016 Campaign: Ta'leef Together, and help us raise our goal of $250,000! In addition to your charitable gifts, please consider Ta’leef when giving your Zakat donation this Ramadan. May Allah accept all our good works and make this Ramadan one of many blessings.

Your brother,

Usama Canon

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