Prison Blues Now On Youtube!

Prison Blues

It is estimated that 80% of inmates who “find faith” in prison, convert to Islam. Prison Blues, a Ta’leef Collective documentary film, directed and produced by Mustafa Davis tells the riveting and unheard story of the harsher realties inside the prison industrial complex in the United States through the lens of a Muslim spiritual narrative. Prison Blues explores the reality of incarceration in the United States and conversion to Islam through the Prison Industrial Complex.

The film stars Rafi Peterson and Amir Tate and tells the emotional story of two young boys on the Southside of Chicago who were convicted of crimes in their youth and end up serving time and becoming men in the federal penitentiary system. Both Rafi and Amir embrace Islam in prison and have become community leaders, post release, working to assist other formerly incarcerated Muslims with their transition back into society. This is a must see film for anybody seeking to gain an understanding of an often overlooked segment of the American Muslim community.


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