NPR Features Usama Canon

Greetings of peace to you today and I hope my message finds you well inshAllah. The desire to affect positive change in those around us gets exponentially boosted by opportunities like this morning's NPR article. A beautiful piece written by Leila Fadel was published today and talk about the diagnosis I've had to face and also helps to highlight how my circumstances can go to inspire others. My life's work is enveloped in Ta'leef and I'm honored and humbled to serve.

Many of you have also shared your stories with me, and I pray together we can overcome challenges in life, big or small.

You can listen to the NPR story here or also read the full story. Visit Ta'leef to learn more about what's going and what we've done and don't forget to donate to the legacy initiative that goes toward making positive change through Ta'leef Collective.

Thank you to NPR and Leila Fadel for sharing our Founding Director’s story. This short and beautiful piece gives us insight to truly how many people have been impacted by Usama Canon and his life work, Ta’leef Collective.

Usama Canon Founding Director

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