Convert Continuum of Care (CCC)

What is this program?

The CCC is a full-scale system providing step-by-step assistance from the point of a seeker’s active interest, until the establishment of sustainable conversion and holistic practice of Islam.

The CCC offers:

  • Hands on, one-on-one consultation with our professionally trained staff
  • Courses specifically tailored for seekers
  • Support network crucial upon conversion.

Upon completion of the program, participants are trained to become mentors to other newcomers.  Since it’s inception, the CCC has assisted over 500 people in embracing Islam.

Convert Care is an essential aspect of Ta'leef Collective's services to the community. Each year, as more people embrace Islam, the Muslim community grows exponentially, and so do the educational demands and needs for support. Attempting to fulfill those needs, Ta'leef has made significant investments in developing trained mentors through the Mu'allif Mentorship Program. These mentors are utilized to provide the individual support people need in their earliest days and even years later as a Muslim.

One-on-one consultation, Courses tailored for seekers and a network of support

CCC Programming

One-On-One Time

Ta'leef offers one of the most critical services, which is a network of trained mentors who are available to meet one-to-one with anyone who is seeking this support. These mentors also maintain a network of outreach and support by being in constant contact with new Muslims checking in on how they are and inviting them out to local events and classes.

Welcome to the Fold

Community is essential for those who are new to the community and we serve the desire for community through our monthly event, Welcome to the Fold, where newcomers can meet other members of the community and develop meaningful relationships.

Iftar Ambassadors

We also provide social events during Ramadan such as Iftar Ambassadors where new Muslims get to join Muslim families for dinner in their homes and have powerful communal experiences.


Education is vital for those new to the faith in order to get some level of orientation and be able to navigate not only the faith but also the complexities of community. We offer the weekly “Being Muslim” class in order to help those new to practicing Islam understand and implement the integral beliefs and practices of the faith. In addition to this, “Introducing Islam” is a 4-hour workshop designed to present an in depth overview of Islam for those interested in the faith.

Understand. Embrace. Realize.

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Opportunities to learn about Islam

Ta'leef Collective also provides many supplementary opportunities to learn about Islam and meet other people through weekly, monthly and quarterly Living & Learning programming. The inter-connectivity between all of our programming is what provides those newly practicing Islam, the space they require to grow, and learn at a pace that is sustainable for them. If you are interested in learning more about Islam or are new to the faith please contact us if you live in the Chicago-land or San Francisco Bay Area by emailing