Looking forward to 2017

As salam alaikum,

These are crucial times we live in as Muslims around the world. We witnessed perhaps one of the most deeply divisive elections in American history and rising tide of racism across the globe. We also witnessed the passing of the people’s hero, Muhammad Ali, who was a man that left behind a legacy for all. As troubling as these times are, watching our beloved teachers address the global community at his memorial is a testimony to the deep roots of our collective heritage. It is a reminder to myself, first and foremost to serve and inspire.

Reflecting on this past year, I am grateful to God for the opportunities Ta’leef has been given to do this work. At our recent retreat for newcomers, a sister shared that “this retreat saved my Islam.” Beyond convert care, we launched Ta’leef Re-entry, which is something very close to my heart supporting men and women who spent most of their lives behind bars. Finally, together we celebrated the long awaited opening of our Ta’leef Chicago campus.

We are humbled to share with you some major achievements from 2016:

  • Launched an exploratory year for Ta’leef Re-entry, consisting of a monthly “Support Circle” in San Francisco with a total of 100+ attendees, and held our inaugural Re-entry Retreat with 16 participants from Houston, Chicago, and the Bay Area
  • Secured a permanent space for our Ta’leef Chicago campus and held the official grand opening on November 19, 2016  
  • Hired an Operations Manager at Ta’leef Chicago
  • Completed renovations to the Fellowship Hall at our Fremont campus
  • Culminated our two-year Inheritors’ Circle leadership program for high-school youth
  • Hosted our 2nd Annual Inheritors' Retreat for 54 teens from over 20 cities across the country
  • Kicked off our first year of Ta’leef Academy reaching 254 trainees who  represented communities both nationally and globally, 61 of whom completed “Refining the Core”
  • Facilitated 64 Shahadas in Chicago and Fremont and engaged over 400+ newcomers
  • Led the 2nd Annual Newcomers' Retreat with 40 attendees deepening their understanding of Islam
  • Reached 45,000+ beneficiaries at over 43 different “Living & Learning” programs on the ground and online via #TaleefLIVE
  • Expanded Ta’leef Ramadan Iftars and programming in Fremont & Chicago to reach 3,500+ community members and 180,000+ views on our daily short video series titled “Fast Reminders” during the month of Ramadan

These achievements could not have happened without your support. We invite you to join us and make a contribution to the Ta’leef End of the Year Campaign helping us raise $250,000 to continue this work. Your tax-deductible donations and Zakat will enable us to open doors for those we serve in 2017 and beyond. I pray that the new year brings hope and many blessings for us all.


Usama Canon



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