The fund was established in direct response to the outpouring of love for Usama following his ALS diagnosis. As a primary means for those wishing to support Usama Canon and his work, the Legacy Fund will enable these critical projects:

Legacy Fund Project 1: Support Usama Canon

Provide for our founder as he takes up his fight against ALS

Funds cover Usama Canon’s ongoing executive compensation & benefits with an annual bonus increase assisting him with the high cost of out-of-pocket-medical and increased living expenses

Legacy Fund Project 2: Fund the “Usama Canon Legacy Tapes” series

Underwrite the media effort featuring Usama Canon sharing the genesis of Ta'leef Collective and previously undocumented gems of transmitted knowledge

 Funds go to bringing on a video documentary team to capture, interview, and produce the Usama Canon Legacy Tapes series, and establish the ongoing media function at Ta’leef

Legacy Fund Project 3: Strengthen Ta’leef Collective

Enable us to better serve seekers, converts, youth, families, formerly incarcerated, and the broader community by investing in our people, processes, and tools

Funds go to adding program staff positions and revamping the Ta'leef Collective website for online content and mobile access

Legacy Fund Project 4: Secure a permanent home for Ta’leef Collective

Invest in Ta’leef Collective capital projects securing our future for generations to come insha’Allah

 Funds go toward acquisition costs of real estate in Chicago and the South Bay Area

For other other means to directly support Usama Canon,
visit this site established by his family: