Inheritors Circle Relaunch


As the African proverb teaches us, “If the youth are not initiated into the village, they will burn it down just to feel its warmth."


The wellness of a community’s youth will determine that community’s sustainability, and their initiation as leaders will prepare it for the future’s challenges and opportunities. Our community is at a critical juncture, perhaps one of the most trying in it’s collective history, and with the multitude of challenges we face there is no better response than to prepare our youth for that inevitable moment when they must lead. It is from that place that my excitement in announcing the relaunch of the “Inheritor’s Circle” comes. A program serving the high school demographic, preparing them for leadership, Inheritor’s Circle will build it’s participants spiritually and empower them socially. That empowerment is rooted in an understanding of their lived reality, and guided by authentic concern for their well being. We hope to build our youth’s collaborative abilities, strengthen and develop their emotional intelligence and ensure cultivation of character and life skills, producing excellent leaders to represent our community.

As the Founding Director of Ta’leef, I’m grateful to finally launch this rigorous, curriculum-driven program, the likes of which I’m yet to see in my travels and service of our community. From the culturally relevant content to exceptional instructors and facilitators I’m super excited to watch the standard raise as these leaders are developed, inshaAllah. As a father, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity for my oldest child to have access to a program that will not only augment his Islamic learning, but prepare him and the other participants to be active members in our community and society at large. It is my hope and prayer that the Inheritor’s Circle will be a meaningful contribution to the countless efforts we are all making to secure a brighter future for our community and the world. May the Creator bless this effort and spread it’s benefit widely.

و بالله التوفيق (Success is from Allah)

The Inheritor’s Circle is open to dedicated youth between the ages of 13 - 16. I encourage all interested youth to apply above.


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