Introducing the Ta’leef Collective Legacy Fund which aims to support, preserve, and share the lessons and legacy of our founder Usama Canon

Commitment to the Legacy

The fund was established in direct response to the outpouring of love for Usama following his ALS diagnosis in the summer of 2017.  As a primary means for those wishing to support Usama Canon and his work, the Legacy Fund will enable these critical outcomes:

  • Executive compensation & benefits, ongoing, to enable Usama to continue to guide Ta’leef Collective while he takes up the fight against ALS
  • Invest in a media team including a videographer to work alongside Usama Canon to capture, interview, and produce invaluable gems of transmitted learning and life stories
  • Expand programming, staff, and infrastructure to scale the reach of Ta’leef Collective
  • Acquire real estate in 2018 to permanently house Ta’leef Collective campuses in Chicago and the Bay Area

Our aim by December 31, 2017:   $1M

The Legacy Fund allows for Capital and Unrestricted gifts (non-zakat), and is launching with a goal of $10M within 3 years.