“Inheritors” has three core components:  the Inheritors Circle, the Inheritors Retreat, and Thursday Night Discussion.

Inheritors Circle

The Inheritors Circle is a weekly program striving to create and sustain effective leaders who are able to serve both the Muslim and larger community.  The Inheritors Circle works towards developing socially agile young leaders who are able to maintain a healthy understanding and practice of Islam. The Inheritors Circle is intentionally designed for youth between the ages of 13-16 residing in the Bay Area who are willing to commit to the entire program.

Inheritors Retreat

Is a unique summer camp with a focus on spiritual cultivation, emotional intelligence, and increasing social agility. In the space of a week, the “Inheritors” enjoy a transformative experience including sacred learning, mediation, team-building exercises and recreational activities.

Keep your calendars marked from July 2nd to July 6th, 2017!


Thursday Night Discussion

Thursday Night Discussion (TND) is a forum tailored specifically for the disengaged among our young adults.  In order to avoid the formalities or potential stigmas surrounding the Mosque, TND is held at various locations ranging community homes to local restaurants.  TND normally includes a brief talked followed by Q&A.  Unprecedented in our community’s history, this program serves as a point of entry for a demographic that represents the majority of young Muslims: a group sometime disillusioned and frustrated, yet full of potential.

Inheritors' Circle Learning



Knowing the Prophet

  • Students will have a comprehensive understanding of the Life example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, including the integrals of the Seerah (Prophetic Biography) and essentials of the Shama’il (Prophetic Characteristics). This approach to Learning about the Prophet is specifically tailored for these young leaders in training.

Reading Scripture

  • Students will development a meaningful relationship with the Quran through basic study of Tafsir (Quranic Exegesis) and gain a comprehensive understanding of the core values of the scripture.
  • Students will be required to memorize Juz Amma, as well as three additional surahs of their choice (dependent on personal expertise and goals)

Cultivating Mindfulness

  • Students will establish a consistent spiritual practice of their own through the cultivation of acceptance and non-judgment
  • Students will understand their individual social-emotional intelligence and use that to inform their daily actions.


Having Etiquette

  • Students will explore hospitality from different cultural perspectives
  • Students will learn how to properly host guests, including but not limited to greeting guests, serving tea, setting a table, preparing recipes and the etiquettes of hospitable conversation.

Planting Seeds

  • Students will learn the benefits of eating healthy food as well as how to grow food in a safe and sustainable way
  • Students will commit to a healthy diet and learn to prepare meals with garden produce
  • Students will learn the basics of running a successful community garden and the acquire relevant skills.



Being Muslim
Semester One

  • Students will learn Fard al Ayn (required knowledge of Islamic Law) of Belief and Practice and study excerpts of “Being Muslim” by Dr. Asad Tarin with the author.

Deepening Spirituality
Semester Two

  • Students will learn personal and collective supplications through the practice of Dhikr
  • Students will establish and develop  their own Wird practice
  • Students will memorize devotional poems in both Arabic and English

Understanding FIqh
Semester Three

  • Students will understand Islamic legal theory through a comprehensive study of basic usul.
  • Students will compare and contrast the four major schools of law and gain an appreciation of their differing interpretive approaches.

Striving for Social Justice
Semester Four

  • Students will commit to meaningful projects to contribute to the “greater good” including but not limited to:
    • feeding the homeless
    • visiting correctional facilities
    • engaging local, state and federal government


Speech and Debate

  • Students will improve their ability to form arguments and use reasoning and evidence.
  • Students will explore interfaith studies in depth to understand and form different perspectives.
  • Students will develop their ability to structure thoughts through higher order thinking.
  • Students will practice improvisational thinking and working under pressure.

Serving Others

  • Students will apply prophetic values through the service of others in the form of a total of 100 community service hours. Community service hours will include both on-site and off-site service.

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